1. Design of components, sub-assemblies and products to meet the strictest standards of performance and quality.
  2. Design of production processes that are capable, controlled and documented.
  3. Advanced laboratory procedures and testing techniques that insures the reliability of our filters and assures their compliance to the highest level of automotive industry requirements.
  4. Individual responsibility and desire of all employees and managers to produce a quality product, based on personal commitment, know-how and training.
  5. Continuous improvement is a way of life in A.G.S. FILTER, and has achieved an effectiveness of production process, a reduction of quality costs, and has proven to increase the reliability of our products and their manufacturing
  6. An integrated effort of all A.G.S FILTER’s divisions; Engineering, Marketing, Manufacturing & Logistics, and Quality Assurance create a team with combined efforts to provide the best in values to our customers.
  7. All the goods are manufactured as per ASME /ASTM /ASHRAE /MIL/ STANDARDS .


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